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A lot of people have never heard of “burlesque” as a form of art and entertainment. By creating a curated burlesque directory of intriguing Burlesque Shows, Burlesque Troupes, Burlesque Supper Clubs, Burlesque Events, Burlesque Productions, and Burlesque Performers, the diversity of the industry can begin to be understood. This isn’t to be a comprehensive list of the Burlesque Industry, as there are numerous websites and even niche burlesque directories that already exist. However, if your aesthetic matches, “Shay Au Lait’s Speakeasy,” this directory may excite you.

Kinetic Cabaret Productions
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Company Snapshot: Kinetic Cabaret Productions cultivates creative opportunities and carves out performance spaces for the powerful voices of LGBTQ and female identified artists
Magical Girl Burlesque
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Company Snapshot: MAGICAL GIRL BURLESQUE is a troupe based out of Brooklyn that focuses its energy on body positivity and inclusivity.
Monde Osé
Company Snapshot: Monde Osé is a lifestyle brand focused on promoting the understanding and enjoyment of life, love and sensuality.
Not My Circus UK
Company Snapshot: Not My Circus is a London-based production company, specialising in Cabaret, Burlesque, Circus and Sideshow theatrical performances. It was founded by Ruby Deshabille and Joe Morose, two of the most sought-after performers working on the UK cabaret scene today,
Pin Up Pole Show
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Company Snapshot: Classic cars, pinup girls, retro-burlesque and pole champions! Tonya Kay's Pinup Pole Show is a 1955-1965 styled company of cheeky, kustom kulture women and the hot rods they love.
Company Snapshot: Poleluminati is a boundary-pushing variety show that cross-pollinates all kinds of dance and performing arts. Our mission is to give Memphis-based performing artists a supportive place to test new concepts and collaborations, documented by our amazing team of local photographers and videographers.
Pop Culture Provocateurs
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Company Snapshot: WE ARE POP CULTURE PROVOCATEURS......an all-femme burlesque production company based in Albany, NY.
Private Drama Events
Company Snapshot: Think of Private Drama Events as curators of the imagination. We tell stories and create memories. Love to, in fact.
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Company Snapshot: Alluring, professional, and jaw-droppingly talented, Pyroxotic is the East Coast's premier Event Entertainment & Performance Team! Our crowd amplifying Fire & LED performances and tantalizing Speciality Acts are guaranteed to wow and captivate any audience.
Red Light Confidential
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Company Snapshot: Red Light Confidential has become one of Sydney’s most sort after nights of quality entertainment and continues to grow at lightning speed all over the country.
Showgirl Sunday Dinner
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Company Snapshot: Showgirl Sunday Dinner is a weekly, sparkly burlesque podcast about two Black showgirls living, loving and training in San Diego from an unapologetically Black femme perspective.
Siren Pack Productions
Company Snapshot: Siren Pack Productions is a subversive burlesque company producing immersive variety shows & provocative experiences. According to the historic Madame X Lounger, Siren Pack is "the sexiest immersive burlesque show in New York City."
Tease If You Please
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Company Snapshot: “TEASE, if you please!” iis a burlesque and variety show dedicated to keeping the art of burlesque alive! A night on the town that you will want to get dressed up for! 
The Boom Boom Room
Company Snapshot: The Boom Boom Room is a 1920s Speakeasy burlesque show club with a Modern Twist that has food, drinks, and Las Vegas inspired house shows, in the heart of downtown St. Louis.
The Brass Menagerie
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Company Snapshot: The Brass Menagerie produces monthly pole and variety shows in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring local performers as well as special travel-in guests!
The Club Car
Company Snapshot: Located beneath Gallow Green station, The Club Car is an evening entertainment joint atop The McKittrick Hotel.
The Cocoa Butter Club
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Company Snapshot: The Cocoa Butter Club is a celebration of you! A spirited soiree celebrating performers of colour within cabaret with regular events.
The Fly Honey Show
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Company Snapshot: The Fly Honey Show re-imagines the classic cabaret to create an intimate and explosive celebration of body + sex positivity through a feminist perspective.
The House of Noire
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Company Snapshot: The House of Noire is an award winning ensemble that specializes in thought-provoking burlesque choreography and opulent artistic expression. 
The Muse Brooklyn
Company Snapshot: BROOKLYN'S HOME FOR CIRCUS & IMMERSIVE EVENTS. The Muse Brooklyn is, above all else, a creative community.