Burlesque Directory

Black Burlesque Directory
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Created out of a desire to fill more dressing rooms and burlesque productions with black performers, this black burlesque directory is meant to be used as a tool for both producers and performers. 
Black Girls Pole
Company Snapshot: Black Girls Pole is an organization striving to diversify the pole community by inspiring, empowering, and educating women of color about pole dancing.
Burlesque Bitch Burlesquepedia
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: BB has an Ezine of current news, an openly editable Burlesque Bitch Burlesquepedia for the people in the community (Performers, Troupes, etc…) and the Events they host, as well as a public Forum for us to connect with one another. 
Burlesque Fests
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Burlesque Fests is a Festival, Showcase, and Convention listings for burlesquers, producers, fans, and like-minded organizations.
Red Hot Annie’s Directory of Burlesque Performers
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Red Hot Annie’s Directory is a comprehensive list of Comprehensive List of Burlesque Performers, Producers, & Legends
The Cocoa Butter Club
Burlesque Catetory: ,
Company Snapshot: The Cocoa Butter Club is a celebration of you! A spirited soiree celebrating performers of colour within cabaret with regular events.
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