Burlesque Troupe

Black Widow Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Black Widow Burlesque is an award-winning burlesque troupe who have been keeping Austin burlesque weird since 2009! Known for their unique performances, the widows bring neo-burlesque to new heights incorporating pop culture, comedy, contemporary themes, politics, and aerial performance into their shows
Blast Off Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Atlanta’s Blast-Off Burlesque is a collective of neo-burlesque performers, who revel in the traditional vaudeville splendor of the show, spiced with just enough modern edge
Boston Beautease
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: The Boston BeauTease (formerly The Boston Babydolls) are New England’s leading burlesque troupe. We are dedicated to re-creating a Golden Age of Burlesque that never really existed.
Can Can Culinary Cabaret
Company Snapshot: Can Can Culinary Cabaret produces a variety of original shows celebrating dance, burlesque, comedy, theatre, music and then some, all while offering a market fresh menu of seasonal delights and libations carefully curated and prepared by our in-house chef.
Cosplay Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Cosplay Burlesque is the East Coast’s premier burlesque troupe specializing in fandom and convention entertainment! Featuring a rotating cast of 30+ performers of all genders and orientations, Cosplay Burlesque has entertained audiences at over 40 events since 2008.
Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory: ,
Company Snapshot: The Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque has been flooding your soul with shimmies and shakes for over a decade.  With belly dancers, ballet dancers, jazz, hip hop, neo burlesque, bump n’ grind, this savy flock of burlesque and boylesque performers is sure to steal your heart!
Fishnet Follies Classic Burlesque Revue
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: FISHNET FOLLIES CLASSIC BURLESQUE REVUE celebrates the golden years of classic Hollywood glamour and Las Vegas showgirl sparkle on the burlesque stage
Gin House Burlesque
Company Snapshot:  Gin soaked vintage opulence. Gin House Burlesque is the best in vintage burlesque, vaudeville, circus and live music. Internationally renowned Burlesque performers Miss Betsy Rose, Jolie Papillon and Missy Fatale have joined forces to create an interactive vintage cabaret experience unparalleled on the current London nightlife scene.
House of Hush Burlesque
Company Snapshot: House of Hush Burlesque brings together some of Edmonton and Calgary’s most popular burlesque performers. Our burlesque shows are an interactive experience that pull inspiration from the exaggerated theatrics of the very first burlesque performers.
Inspire Angels
Burlesque Catetory: ,
Company Snapshot: Experience the beauty of the Inspire Angels! They are a troupe of professional aerial and cirque artists who have performed to international and national acclaim.
Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: With the longest continuously running show in Texas, The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue has been entertaining audiences since 2006 with their re-imaginings of classic burlesque and original forays into the art of neo-burlesque.
Magical Girl Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory: ,
Company Snapshot: MAGICAL GIRL BURLESQUE is a troupe based out of Brooklyn that focuses its energy on body positivity and inclusivity.
Music City Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Music City Burlesque is a collective effort of Nashville’s Biggest Burlesque Sinsations! Music City Burlesque features a star-studded striptease line-up.
Company Snapshot: Poleluminati is a boundary-pushing variety show that cross-pollinates all kinds of dance and performing arts. Our mission is to give Memphis-based performing artists a supportive place to test new concepts and collaborations, documented by our amazing team of local photographers and videographers.
Burlesque Catetory: ,
Company Snapshot: Alluring, professional, and jaw-droppingly talented, Pyroxotic is the East Coast’s premier Event Entertainment & Performance Team! Our crowd amplifying Fire & LED performances and tantalizing Speciality Acts are guaranteed to wow and captivate any audience.
Rogue Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Rogue Burlesque is an award-winning Boston-based neo-burlesque troupe with roots in classic burlesque, comedy, and theater.
Sinner Saint Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory: ,
Company Snapshot: Sinner Saint Burlesque specializes in high-concept, narrative striptease cabaret, pushing the boundaries of what neo-burlesque can accomplish as an art form.
Siren Pack Productions
Company Snapshot: Siren Pack Productions is a subversive burlesque company producing immersive variety shows & provocative experiences. According to the historic Madame X Lounger, Siren Pack is “the sexiest immersive burlesque show in New York City.”
Burlesque Catetory: ,
Company Snapshot: Burlesque with Balls. Sirlesque is Boston’s premiere All-Male Burlesque Troupe who bring the Sexy, Stylish, Seductive, Sensual, Stimulating and manly Swagger to the masses!
Sugar Blue Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Reminiscent of the 1920’s through to the 60’s, Sugar Blue Burlesque presents a unique blend of classic burlesque and elaborate vintage costumes, with authentic vintage dances, circus, comedy, music and crowd pleasing theatricality!
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