The Polin Dead Zombie – Pole Dance Act


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The Polin Dead
The Polin DeadThe Polin DeadThe Polin Dead

The Polin Dead

Signature Burlesque Act

The Polin Dead is a Walking Dead Zombie inspired pole dance act by Shay Au Lait that first debuted at Schtick a Pole In It in NYC. Have you ever been turned on and disgusted by a sexy yet savage zombie at the same time?

  • Choreography: Shay Au Lait
  • Music:Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by A Perfect Circle
  • Prop: A Hand or any pound of flesh, Blood capsules

This erotic-noir pole dance act is perfect for event entertainment, corporate entertainment and parties with a focus on themes such as:

  • Cabaret
  • Horror
  • Halloween
  • Absurd

This act can also be performed for:

  • Traditional Burlesque & Pole Variety Shows
  • Creative Immersive Events