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Shay Au Lait is an international touring erotic-noir BDSM, Theatrical Burlesque & Pole Dance performer. She combines her love of eroticism, sensuality, slow-burn & spirit into signature performances, bespoken acts & character development that captivate, intoxicate & provoke. She has a versatile range of acts for any event type. Whether it’s a private event, themed party, nightlife extravaganza, or corporate affair, she is a powerful & seductive force to be reckoned with.


Are you a Producer, Event Manager, Party Planner, Festival Director, or on a Conference Planning Committee? Are you interested in burlesque, pole, aerial, go-go, theatre, spectacle, or immersive experiences?

Shay Au Lait excels in choreographed, stylized burlesque acts which focus on dance, tease, fun, and audience engagement. Her freestyle acts and gogo dancing are high energy, and her pole dancing incorporates emotion, drama, and sensual power. She is available for both single-act shows as well as ambiance and walk-around style entertainment. She can provide dance, pole dance, burlesque, BDSM, spoken word, hosting, and costumed character performance at any event.

Inquire today about rates and availability. Shay Au Lait has performed at numerous public and private events and has a wide array of stylized signature acts that are suitable to any event theme.

Work With Shay Au Lait

"You are a mesmerizing and magical performer. Was such a pleasure to meet and watch you tonight. Thank you for joining us" - Stephanie Anders, Rock & Roll Dominatrix Stephxecutioner

 – Stephanie Anders, Rock & Roll Dominatrix Stephxecutioner