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“Your power is palpable.”

- Queen Glow Job,
Gender-fluid Drag Performer and Activist

"Commanding. Powerful. Raw. Vulnerable."

Equal parts playfully innocent and dangerously kinky, Shay Au Lait is a provocative, intoxicating Sorcerer hailing from the Windy City. (Chicago, IL) Shay is a Producer, Performer, and Instructor specializing in burlesque, cabaret, pole dance, go-go, BDSM, and theater through immersive & transformative experiences and healing art rituals.

"Mesmerizing. Magical. Enchanting."

Visceral and electric, the Typhoon of Temptation is a force to be reckoned with known for spiraling erotic energy into breathtaking ceremonies on stage.

"black burlesque dancer" -

“Full sensorial, full-spectrum sphere of movement expression. It goes beyond dance and into an invitation to experience. You took me to my edges.”

- JWoww
Urban Bliss Shaman

Shay Au Lait Quick Faqs

PERFORMANCE STYLE: Erotic-Noir, Primal Force of Nature
PRONOUNS: N/A (Please say my name, "Shay" in place of pronouns.)
ETHNICITY: Black American
ANCESTRY: Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin & Togo
GENDER IDENTITY: GenderQueer AFAB (*Assigned Female At Birth)
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Queer Greysexual & Pansexual
LOVESTYLE: Polyamorous (High Protocol & Hierarchical)
BDSM: Kinky Siren Switchress - (Primal, Experimentalist, Sadomasochist.)


Shay is an active participant in performance art and lifestyle groups within Burlesque, BDSM, Pole Dance, LGBTQIA2S, Healing Arts and Sensual Movement. Shay also participates as a member of several dance companies, organizations, and production companies:

  • Siren PackExecutive Producer, Troupe Member & Performer
  • The Pleasure Journey with Tatiana Carrera –  Erotic Sex Moderator & Panelist
  • A Pack of Queers – CoFounder, Producer & Facilitator
  • Burlesque of the Oppressed – Founder
  • The Villain’s Sanctuary (L5) – BDSM Moderator & Panelist
  • DanceMaking – Founding Member, Dancer & Facilitator
  • Femme! – Licensed Instructor with The Emotional Institute
  • 100% Queer – Troupe Member & Dancer
  • The School of Mythopoetics – Guest Instructor & Performer
  • SlutChurch – Former Troupe Member & Dancer
  • Blissful Risings: Queer Moderator & Panelist
  • Touch & Play Festival – Former Intensive & Workshop Teacher, Inclusivity Team Lead, Festival Organizer & Photographer
  • The Sweet Spot/BurrowsInk – Former Resident Burlesque Dancer & Director of Marketing
  • Pole Speak – Former Founding Company Member & Dancer
  • Pole Dancing Bloggers Association – Former Co-President & Editor in Chief
  • High Heeled Hotties – Founding Member
  • Pole Flight Club – Founding Member, Dancer and Stage Manager

Shay has studied pole and sensual movement for over 20 years. Select featured studios include:

  • The Fit Factory (New York)
  • Pole Dance Factory (Barcelona)
  • Incredipole (New York)
  • Dancing Shiva, Queer Tantric Monastery (North Carolina) 
  • Movement Lab – closed (Baltimore)
  • Sheila Kelley S Factor (New York)

In addition to being taught and mentored by many incredible people, some listed below, Shay has also studied under and/or attended workshops & intensives by:

"I thought you were perfection."

- Perle Noire​
Creative Director of House of Noire Gems and The Noire Pageant

Visceral. Electric. A Whole Vibe.

With over 20 years of professional experience in theatre, dance and performance, Shay Au Lait has erotically consecrated the stages for production companies, showcases, festivals, burlesque shows, drag events, fetish parties, and nightlife both nationally and internationally for private & public events. Select favorite venues include The Town Hall NYC, The Howard Theatre, House of Blues New Orleans, Union Transfer Philadelphia, Headliners Music Hall, Santos Party House, Madame X, House of Yes, City Winery and Baltimore Soundstage. 

With 12 years of pole dance and striptease experience, 12 years of Fetish and BDSM exploration, and 20+ years of event and stage production, Shay is a powerful and seductive force to be reckoned with. She considers herself a fellow siren of the same bloodlines of Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kitt, and Pearl Bailey.

"black burlesque dancer" -
Black Neo-Burlesque -
"black burlesque dancer" -