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"virtual burlesque act" -


In September of 2020, Shay Au Lait debuted “Black Magic” virtually during the “Get You A Babe That Can Do Both” online show in partnership with R.House and Kosmic Garden. In this slow-burn burlesque act, Shay Au Lait as The Erotic Goddess conjures magic, while lingering in pleasure with a crown of wonder.

“My inspiration for this act was the song, the crown and MAGIC. I just wanted to feel earthy and mysterious magic all around me. I wanted to be magic. To breathe magic. To move magic. To conjure magic. Take magic. Give magic. Fuck magic. Swirl magic. Trip magic. Trance magic. MAGIC. Rituals of magic.”

Do Both was co-produced by HoneyTree EvilEye, Shay Au Lait and Flirt Vonnegut.

  • Choreography: Shay Au Lait
  • Music: Yours by Mor
  • Virtual Set Design Features: Fog Machine, Stage Lights, Rope Lights, Ring Light, Faux Candles, Faux Vines, Faux Flowers, Real Plants

This erotic-noir, neo-burlesque act is perfect for in person or virtual event entertainment, corporate privates & parties with a focus on themes such as:

  • Cabaret
  • Speakeasy
  • Red Light District
  • Boudoir
  • Fetish/Kink
  • Magic

This act can also be performed for:

  • Traditional Burlesque Variety Shows
  • Burlesque Floor Shows
  • Dungeon Events