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black burlesque dancer -

"I am so intensely moved every time [Shay Au Lait] decides to grace us with her presence. She is so intensely well-suited for the theme of black magic because were you not ensnared by her beauty, by her magic, and by her ritual on this stage?" - C'etait BonTemps, The Babi Boi of Burlesque & Drag

Work With Shay Au Lait

"I thought you were perfection." - Perle Noire​, Creative Director of House of Noire Gems and The Noire Pageant.

Equal parts playfully innocent and dangerously kinky, Shay Au Lait is a provocative, intoxicating Sorcerer hailing from the Windy City. She is a Queer, POC Producer, Performer and Instructor specializing in burlesque, cabaret, pole dance, go-go and theatre.