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The Best Burlesque Websites That Taught Me History, Culture and Tips

best burlesque websites -

When I became curious about burlesque, I headed straight to Google. There were things I needed to know and questions that needed answers. So far, these are the best burlesque websites that taught me history, culture, and tips…in alphabetical order. Click the word “website” under each title to be directed to their respective pages. 


21st Century Burlesque

Website –  “Respected and pioneering international burlesque and variety publication.”

Blue Stocking Magazine

Website“For everything burlesque and cabaret – learning, performer’s tips, body confidence posts, history features, culture articles and Bluestocking Lounge show news in Swansea and Carmarthenshire, South Wales…”

Burlesque Beat

Website“The most comprehensive, easy-to-use burlesque show calendar listing burlesque shows all over the world.”

  • The entire website has everything you need. It shows you ongoing events in the community. There are articles, resources and just so much to click.

Burlesque Bible Magazine

Website“Burlesque Bible is the international magazine for everything burlesque and vintage. Founded in 2011, it is published in both English and French languages; in January, April, July and September.”

  • The blog on the website is filled with archival burlesque news, art, interviews and more.

Burlesque Bitch

Website“An internet resource for Burlesque performers, enthusiasts and fans. Striving to meet the needs of the continually growing Burlesque community, BB has an Ezine of current news, an openly editable Burlesquepedia for the people in the community (Performers, Troupes, etc…) and the Events they host, as well as a public Forum for us to connect with one another.”

  • There’s just a lot of content. You can fall down a rabbit’s hole on their website. So prepare yourself.

Burlesque Business Network

Website – “A special membership site is being built for the burlesque and variety community, headed up by industry experts who can help you take your burlesque business to the next level.”

  • The blog has many helpful articles and really got me to thinking about the business side of burlesque. Especially as it relates to branding, marketing and pr.

Burlesque and Cabaret

Website“The blog of the ‘Academy of Burlesque & Cabaret’, the professionally-led school for all things burlesque, showgirl and cabaret that is based in Edinburgh and Cardiff.”

Burlesque Daily

Website“Jo Wheldon’s information on pasties, burlesque techniques, history, and more!”

  • The blog doesn’t appear active anymore but the archives are golden!

Burlesque Fests

Website – “Festival, Showcase, and Convention listings for burlesquers, producers, fans, and our like-minded organizations. Submission to the list is FREE!!!!”

  • This is a ridiculous resource. Especially if you want to start competing and/or performers on the circuit. This can help you plan your burlesque business calendar.

Burlesque Magazine

Website“the most-inclusive place of all for the whole Burlesque world.”

  • This website no longer appears to be updated. However, the blog has archives of all things burlesque from every perspective.


Website – “Burlexe is a pioneering brand inspired by burlesque stars, vintage icons and showgirls – and occasionally showmen. In theatrical form as Burlexe and Boylexe, it tells the stories of the incredible women (and gents) who’ve created the art form, but is also available to hire in a highly entertaining cabaret format.”

  • I happened upon this production company’s website because their blog had an article that helped in my research of burlesque genres. “Guide to Showgirl Burlesque

Burly Con

Website“As the educational arm of the burlesque arts circuit, BurlyCon provides a unique opportunity to learn, practice, network, and thrive in a supportive (and fun!) community environment driven by veterans of the burlesque community.”

  • Well, I mean, if you google burlesque, you’re going to happen upon this website. The blog had some helpful nuggets for me in understanding burlesque culture and etiquette. One article that comes to mind. “A Teacher’s Perspective. Or Three” 


Website“This site was created to support the artists in Burlesque in NYC and focus on their art from the perspective of fans.”

  • I think I was googling either Miss Poison Rouge or Ivory Fox or some other dancer I know and would consider an industry acquaintance and their profile popped up on this site. If you’re active in NY, you should be a part of this website.

Living In a Glitter Wonderland

Website“A blog about burlesque and performance art, written by Sydni Deveraux” 

  • My first taste of Sydni Deveraux was at a speakeasy supper club experience at Bathtub Gin, where burlesque was the entertainment of the night. Imagine my surprise that later when I’d google just about anything related to burlesque an article would pop up written by that very same dancer. I was pleasantly surprised with how active she was in the community.

Pin Curl Mag

Website“Pin Curl is for ladies who redefine traditional ideals of beauty by seeking inspiration from the vintage culture of the 1920’s-50’s. We feature interviews with your favorite burlesque stars, as well as business articles, DIY projects and so much more! Pin Curl Magazine is published online, and we print a traditional glossy mag twice per year as a “Best-Of” print edition.”

  • I can’t remember what I was searching that led me here. Doesn’t matter because once I was on their website, I kept finding gem after gem. Go down the rabbit’s hole and use it for research and inspiration.

Princess Rags

Website“Missives From The Royal Palace: Princess Farhana’s thoughts on dancers and dancing; costuming, make up, reviews, vignettes and oh yeah….glitter!”

  • Though the performer is still active, the blog appears to be inactive as of 2017. HOWEVER, the archives are priceless. The archives could be bundled into a book and I’d buy it. Even after having spent hours reading and digesting them already. I’d still pay to read them again.

Tease Bang Boom

Website – “Our mission is to provide practical, easy to implement training for burlesque enthusiasts, performers, and entrepreneurs. No fluff, just real-world tips and step-by-step training from seasoned burlesque professionals – including some of the biggest names in the business!”

  • I don’t know if its a brand or a company or a school or what the website itself sells. If they even sell anything. But what I do know is that their blog post provided so much helpful information. Just spend some time in their archives.

The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society

Website “What “The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society” is all about is quite simple. We re-connect old friends who worked in burlesque by or before 1965 with one another, and share information.”

  • If you’re tender hearted, sentimental or nostalgic plus a bit of romantic and dramatic. Or a combination of all five…. this website will hit all the right places.

This is Cabaret

Website“This Is Cabaret is the only online publication dedicated entirely to London’s variety scene. Founded by experienced journalists who have covered cabaret, burlesque and circus for years, it is your number one destination to keep up with the overwhelming diversity of the world’s richest cabaret circuit.”

  • I was taking a step back beyond burlesque genres, and started researching entertainment and shows during these different eras. From Variety, to Vaudeville, to Theater, to Burlesque, to Minstrel shows, to Cabaret, to Circus, to Strip Clubs and they all started making sooo much more sense to me. Some of the puzzle pieces were via blog post like Variety 101: Making Sense of Cabaret, Burlesque and All That Jazz

My list isn’t complete. Each day I’m learning more and more. I don’t want anyone curious enough to search, to have to struggle just to learn. So I’ll keep track of my resource list and share what and where I found it.

What are the best burlesque websites that served as a priceless resource for you?