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Brands With Nude Shades For People of Color

I’ve been infatuated with finding nude clothing, costumes, shoes, lingerie, hosiery and more for women of color since forever. Luckily, these days there are far more are options, as there has been a rise in brands with nude shades for people of color. For years, there were no options besides dying your own fabrics or paying someone to design and dye custom “nude” costumes.  Separately, I’ve been known to find an item in a store and yell out, “But do you have this in black girl nude?”

Nude is a wardrobe staple, just like black. It is intended to match your skin tone and give the illusion of bare skin. I also like how it gives me the freedom to “contour” my body in a sense, as a burlesque performer by being able to be strategic with costumes and lingerie for stripteases. I’m even presently developing a new signature act, tentatively titled, “Decadent Diamond.Head to the Pinterest board. to see how this costume inspiration is centered on nude illusion fabrics and rhinestones.

Brands With Nude Shades For Women of Color -

First, here’s a list of 12 Brands that offer Nude Shades for People of Color

  1. Nubian Skin –  They have hosiery, lingerie and shoes. There Cafe Au Lait lace bra is EVERYTHING for me. Its literally my exact skin color, which never happens. I use their lingerie as a base for adding gems, rhinestones, trims and more to costumes that I want some form of illusion of nude. I also have their fishnet tights and thigh highs but those colors do not match at all. I was a bit disappointed. The lingerie however, if any of their shades match your own…get them. There is usually an online coupon to be found too.
  2. Dark Garden Natural Corsets – At this time I can not afford Dark Garden’s Natural Corsets, though they look absolutely magnificent. And getting one is on my life list! Be that as it may, in the interim, I’ve been working with dying white corsets to create a nude one and the experiments are interesting. But if DIY isn’t your thing, Dark Garden has corsets for women of color!
  3. Savage Fenty Nude Essentials – I haven’t purchased from Rihanna’s Savage Fenty lingerie line yet but I hear great things about it. Its fairly affordable and there is a variety in shades they offer.
  4. Nu Nude – There Swimwear and Dresses give options to a few new shades who didn’t have it before.
  5. Sincerely Nude  – They have some really stylish dresses that I’m digging. A lot of brands are focusing on nude for women of color, as it relates to lingerie. But I was everyday wear and gowns and heels to also come in nude.
  6. Nude Barre – They have basics like thongs, fishnets and bralettes in a variety of shades.
  7. Naja – There Anais Bra Nude is my favorite everyday t-shirt bra with a nude shade for me.
  8. Being U – I really like the shades that they cover.
  9. Meiahh – This is another brand that has everyday clothing in nude shades. They have some amazing dresses.
  10. Dbleudazzled – Her swimwear line offers a variety of shades. She even once did a collab with Nubian Skin, listed above. I also use some of her other products for performance. I love her brand. For a hobbyist, she can be pricey. For a professional, she’s worth the investment.
  11. Kahmune – The brand focuses on offering 10 shades in various sshoe types for women of color.
  12. Nudz Intimate Apparel – They offer a nice range of nude shades for lingerie basics.

Nude Shades for People of Color on Amazon

  1. I always wanted some nude, completely bedazzled ballroom shoes and found a decent pair on Amazon via Roymall. If you search deep enough, you may find some great, affordable items on Amazon.
  2. I also came across these bedazzled tights. They turned out to be darker than my skin tone but they worked for a few performances and if you’re the right shade, they are absolutely perfect for you.
  3. These ballroom shoes are just begging to be the right shade for someone.

Do you know of any brands that have nude shades for people of color?