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How to Celebrate My 35th Birthday

Today is my 35th Birthday.

I was born on August 13, 1984 at 1:06am and today marks my 35th year on this earth outside my mama’s womb. I have a subtle, slink and sexy birthday night planned and am excited about it. In honor of the Intergalactic Day of Shay Au Lait, if you want to know how to celebrate me, I have a few suggestions below.

1. Share the news about my latest burlesque show “Hot Summer Nights” by Siren Pack.

Immersive Burlesque Show NYC -

I’m hosting and performing in the latest Siren Pack variety show, “Hot Summer Nights.” Its an immersive and interactive burlesque show taking place at Madame X. The show is all about exploring our pleasures, fantasies and dreams through burlesque, drag, comedy, spoken word and more. The lineup features some amazing artists such as Marlena Magdalene, Natalia J, Vera Safire, Glow Job, Taffeta Punk, Tryst La Noir, Madame Lioness and MaDda. So if you want to celebrate me or wish me well, I’d love for you take share this flyer of our flash sale with your friends and community. Email them. Post it on social media. Text it to them. Tell them to spread the word and join us. Word of mouth makes such a difference!

2. Purchase a ticket to attend “Hot Summer Nights” by Siren Pack.

If your calendar is open, I’d love for you to join us on August 29th for our “Hot Summer Nights” show. Our show is an immersive experience of delight, sensuality and creative arts. Its curated. Its fun. It’s all the things. Purchase a ticket or “The Birthday Party Experience” for a special Leo in your life. If you can’t attend the show, purchase a ticket as a gift for a friend.

3. Attend my upcoming Femme! Experience Class .

Femme! Experience by Shay Au Lait -

I’m a licensed and certified Femme! Teacher. On Sunday, September 15 2019, I’ll be offering my first official Femme! Experience class. Imagine emotional healing, primal movement, sensual celebration, all to live African drumming! Honor your soulful spirit. Explore movement as a form of passion, creativity, celebration and empowerment. Experience pleasure in a safe and sacred healing place. Liberate judgment and own your complexities. Femme! is a passionate fusion of sensual dance, primal motion, meditation and celebration of the human form designed by Somatic Healer, Keynote Speaker and Fitness Expert, Bernadette Pleasant. Using a variety of movement and musical styles including live african drumming, Femme! interweaves the influences of Dance, Healing and Sensual Arts into a multi-sensory experience that expresses the entire body.

4. Be a part of The Noire Pageant by Perle Noire in a variety of ways.

I decided last year that I wanted to push a bit past my comfort zone and compete in a Burlesque Event, whether it was a festival or pageant. After my various experiences with Perle Noire and airing my dirty laundry, I’m literally obsessesively grateful for all that she does for the burlesque and theater industry. SHE IS A LIVING LEGEND. Imagine being alive during the Josephine Baker era. Imagine Josephine Baker being your mentor. Imagine being able to audition for a Josephine Baker dance company or Pageant. Perle Noire is my Josephine Baker and its truly an honor to even say her name. I’ve learned so much.

With that being said, I applied to compete in The Noire Pageant and out of 100 applications, I was 1 of 15 chosen to compete. The Noire Pageant is a historic event and international pageant dedicated to celebrating performers of color, glamour, and the art of burlesque! The pageant is a showcase featuring world-renowned burlesque headliners and dazzling performances from a bevy of earthly delights. 

There’s so much to unpack and share about this story and my journey leading up to March 2020 in which I compete in New York City at House of Yes. More on that later. If you want to celebrate my birthday and wish me well, there are a few things you can do related to The Noire Pageant.

  • You can SPREAD the word about The Noire Pageant among your community
  • You can SPONSOR the Noire Pageant
  • You can DONATE to the Noire Pageant
  • You can ATTEND the Noire Pageant

That’s how I’d like you to celebrate me, if you feel so inclined. At the very least, simply share about my show, classes or events to someone that you know. At the most, ATTEND. Majority of the work that I do goes towards supporting other artists and by being a part of my events and shows, you’re actually helping to support artists. Especially Queer, POC and other often marginalized groups.

Thank you in advance!