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Where to Buy the Best Yoni Eggs and Other Erotic Toys Online?

Once upon a time, a man bought me a rose quartz yoni egg as a gift on a first date. Granted, we were friends for years, therefore such an intimate gift was ok to give because he knew me well enough. I thought it was clever though. I use my crystal yoni eggs as part of my sensual, sexual and erotic rituals. I use them for practical reasons too. They strengthen my vaginal walls so that not only can I improve my grip, I can get real specific with my grip. It’s one thing to grip a dick, but can you grip a tongue as you’re being eaten out? That’s what I’m working on.

So clever him for buying me a surprise gift that whenever inserted inside of me, he came to mind.

Years later, I built my own collection of yoni eggs, with my favorite being my black obsidian one. (Coincidentally, that’s the only one I’ve purchased. All of my others have been gifts from lovers and friends. Thank you!) Years ago, I posted online how the next in my collection would be an amethyst yoni egg. Immediately after posting, a former lover turned closed friend wrote me privately and asked permission to purchase the egg for me. I loved that he always asked permission before doing anything.

Listen…. if you know them well enough to share such an intimate gift….consider a yoni egg for those with vaginas. There are cock rings and Tenga eggs for those with penises. Also, let’s not forget crystal butt plugs.

A simple google search will yield thousands of articles, essays, videos and more on what yoni eggs are, how to use them, their healing properties and more, so if you’re curious, do your due diligence. One particular article I’ve always liked was, “Yoni Eggs 101” via The Hood Witch. The more important question is where do I get them from and my other toys. Here’s that list I promised!

Yoni Eggs

Other Sensual, Sexual and Erotic Things

Do you use Yoni Eggs? Do you have Sensual, Erotic and Sexual Rituals?

*Caveat, as you’re clicking around a lot of these sites use terms like “feminine energy.” I do not like gendered terms to be used in my energy work. Just as we’re now learning the world isn’t binary when it came to actual gender….it would be nice if we stopped speaking of our spiritual and energetic work in the binary as well.