A Beautiful Chaos – Body Paint Kinky Act

"A Beautiful Chaos - Body Paint Kinky Burlesque Act" - https://shayaulait.com

Jupiter Aether with “A Beautiful Chaos” is a body paint, BDSM fashion-focused burlesque act created by Switchress Shay Au Lait as part of the collaborative, immersive, and interactive show experience of Sue Jorerder, Jason Moss, and SlutChurch with Velvet Whip. 

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Galactic Kinky Rock Stripper – BDSM Burlesque Act

"black burlesque in philly" - https://shayaulait.com

“Galactic Kinky Rock Stripper” is metal, rock, bdsm, burlesque and pole dance performance created by Switchress Shay Au Lait. This act debuted in October of 2022 as part of the virtual SlutChurch show in reach Shay Au Lait is the resident BadonkaMONK and Typhoon of Temptation. 

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Angry Black Woman – Metal Burlesque Act

"black burlesque" - https://shayaulait.com

On April 30, 2021, Shay Au Lait debuted “Angry Black Woman Goes to Church,” as the headliner for the SlutChurch 5 Year Anniversary show. This live, in-person, outdoor experience features Rock, Metal, BDSM, Burlesque, and GoGo.

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