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Free Offering – 5 Remarkable Pathways to Embody the Erotic That We Love

Some people underestimate how erotic it is to be understood.

Mary Rakow

We each have our own definition, understanding, and experience with the erotic. It’s about time I articulated my own as it deeply influences how I produce with Siren Pack productions, how I teach with SpeakEasy Noir, and why I even call myself an interdisciplinary erotic-noir artist. 

In this 45-minute recorded video, you will experience:

  • A succulent LECTURE: Embody the Erotic 101 – an invitation to presence and sensuality as a pathway and portal to eroticism.
  • An introductory WORKSHOP on SensualityPRESENCE TO SENSE – a guided sensorial mind-body ritual filled with provocative lifePlay (instead of homework) activities and excavation journal prompts for further exploration.
  • VETTED LIST of Sensual Enchantments Prized Possessions and Exquisite Picks of Switchress Shay Au Lait (brands, products, and artists).
  • DEFINITIONS of BURLESQUE and performance tips & notes.
  • LIGHT KINK & BDSM – Breath play and breath work prompts. 
  • Sensual grounding techniques INTEGRATED, in real-time
  • BONUS TREATS and insight are given into how Switchress uses eroticism as a SpeakEasy Noir teacher, Siren Pack producer, and performer within BDSM, burlesque, pole dance, and theatre.

In touch with the erotic, I become less willing to accept powerlessness, or those other supplied states of being which are not native to me, such as resignation, despair, self-effacement, depression, self-denial.

– Audre Lorde

A Few Notes

    • Sensuality allows us the opportunity of presence, which allows for the choice of sovereignty and pleasure.
    • Fully activate all of your senses.
    • QUESTION: Aside from our five senses, what are other ways that you sense the world, yourself, and others?  
    • OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Sensory deprivation. Overlaps of the senses. The range of each sense. 
  • In “Embody the Erotic”
    • People’s definitions of eroticism differ and they all can exist.
    • Everyone has experienced it at some point, but if you haven’t even after hearing our definition, we guide you through your first time with a gentle sensual exercise.
    • 100% present and also 100% flow state/altered states
    • Uses of the Erotic
      • Modality for grounding and embodied meditation
      • Experiencing regulation – emotional, nervous system
      • Adjustments for disassociating and sensory sensitive folks
      • Movement exploration – sensuality in the way you fuck, or kink or in the way you perform
    • What I Mean When I Say Erotic
      • Our eroticism and our sensuality has range, variety and levels of intensity.
    • QUESTION: What makes you feel completely alive at any moment?



How do you embody the erotic?

ABOUT SWITCHRESS SHAY AU LAIT: Interdisciplinary EroticNoir Artist, Maya Angelou of Kink, BDSM Educator and Practitioner, CoCreator of “Sensing Race” embodied intensives. Switchtress Shay Au Lait, equal parts playfully innocent and dangerously kinky, is a provocative, intoxicating Sorcerer and Shapeshifter originally hailing from the Windy City (Chicago,IL).

Shay of SpeakEasy Noir (erotic wellness + sensual movement) and Siren Pack Productions (provocative + immersive events) is a producer, director, performer, and instructor specializing in BDSM, burlesque, theatre, pole dance, variety, and corporate event production through immersive & transformative experiences. As an Educator and Keynote Speaker, Shay is known for their creative and poignant philosophical approach that speaks to and facilitates personal development and self-awareness. Shay’s practical, actionable, and sensual techniques have earned them the nicknames of “Vulnerability Doula,” “Intellectual Sensual Shaman,” and “Cultural Provocateur.”


ABOUT SIREN PACK: An immersive & subversive burlesque variety company producing provocative experiences. Created in 2018 by a collective of BIPOC Queer Femme Producers, Siren Pack is known for its theatrical erotic shows, corporate entertainment productions, and immersive event activations. 


ABOUT SPEAKEASY NOIR: SpeakEasy Noir is a mind-body erotic wellness practice and immersive movement experience for intensely sensuous and deeply curious souls. Explore power, pleasure ,and play through archetypal exploration, sensual movement, erotic expression, freestyle flow, photography, burlesque, pole dance, enchantments, mind-body rituals, and creative healing arts. Explore shadow play for your shadow work.