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I would love for you to slow down for a moment.

I would love for you to take a breath.

Actually, could you do it? Right now. Can you breathe for me? Inhale and exhale.

And now with intention, scroll and welcome into a bit of my world. – Switchress

Switchtress Shay Au Lait is a provocative, intoxicating Sorcerer originally hailing from the Windy City. Shay of SpeakEasy Noir Burlesque and Siren Pack Productions is a producer, performer, and instructor specializing in BDSM, burlesque, theatre, pole dance, and go-go through immersive & transformative experiences. Affectionally known as the Typhoon of Temptation and the Ba-Donka-Monk of SlutChurch, Shay is a visceral and electric force to be reckoned with known for spiraling erotic energy into breathtaking ceremonies and rituals on stage.

“You are magical.”

- Carmine Black,
The Low Flow Queen & Embodied Movement Facilitator

I could not take my eyes off you the entire performance. I was in awe and it gave me a bit of goosebumps.

- Billie King,
Drag King & MakeUp Artist