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“Spiral into flow. Linger in your pleasure. Activate your power. Provoke your shadow.”  – Switchress

Switchress Shay Au Lait: Interdisciplinary EroticNoir Artist, Intellectual Sensual Shaman, Maya Angelou of Kink, BDSM Educator and Practitioner, CoCreator of “Sensing Race” embodied intensives. 

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  • PERFORMANCE STYLE: Erotic-Noir, Primal Force of Nature
  • PRONOUNS: N/A (Please say my name “Shay” or “Switchress” in place of pronouns.)
  • ETHNICITY: Black American
  • ANCESTRY: Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin & Togo
  • GENDER IDENTITY: GenderQueer AFAB (*Assigned Female At Birth) 
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Queer Greysexual (on Asexual spectrum) & Pansexual
  • LOVESTYLE: Polyamorous (High Protocol & Hierarchical)
  • BDSM: Kinky Siren Switchress – (Primal, Experimentalist, Sadomasochist, Psychological Edger & Disciplinarian.)
  • TRAITS: An Outgoing Introvert, The Investigator via The Enneagram, The Manifesting Generator via Human Design, The Secret Weapon via HowToFascinate
  • MAIN ARCHETYPES: Switchress, Shay Au Lait, No One, The Gremlin, The Mad Scientist, Jupiter Aether
  • QUIRKS: Homeschooled for High School, Raised in A Cult, Favorite ice cream flavor is Bubble Gum ice cream (the kind where the ice cream is vanilla flavored but pink and it has chunks of gum inside of it.)
Switchtress Shay Au Lait, equal parts playfully innocent and dangerously kinky, is a provocative, intoxicating Sorcerer and Shapeshifter originally hailing from the Windy City (Chicago,IL). Shay of SpeakEasy Noir (erotic wellness + sensual movement) and Siren Pack Productions (provocative + immersive events) is a producer, director, performer, and instructor specializing in BDSM, burlesque, theatre, pole dance, variety, and corporate event production through immersive & transformative experiences.

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