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Dramatic Aerial Halloween Photography

The first time I attended a Halloween party was back in 2001. I was raised in a religious cult, so ….we definitely didn’t fuck with Halloween. But my freshman year of college, the theater company I was a member of, threw a party and I went as the black Avril Lavigne. There’s a picture floating around somewhere. Really, I just looked like a punk rocker.

That was the last time I attended a Halloween party. I have no clue what I’ve done since 2001 but I definitely have never been to another Halloween party. This year, that changed. I headed out to The Fit Factory in West Babylon and went as a deconstructed Unicorn. My horn was silver and glittery. My tail was purple and feathery. There was glitter and layers and fishnets and turquoise leg warmers and a makeshift sequin necklace and a pink fringe belt that disappeared…maybe when I was flinging my shit around during an impromptu freestyle. (And because I’m a fucking dramatic burlesque dancer…I spent the most time….1.5 hours on my makeup…just to hide my face behind a camera for majority of the party. Because why the fuck not. There were purple glitter lips. Yes all unicorns have glitter lips.

The only lightroom effect in place was making some of the images sepia tone because the lighting was so dramatic…that I needed to tone the images down. Enjoy the images below.