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The Badonkamonk

SlutChurch's Patron Taint of Big D!cks

Enjoy the 
with the succubabes of SlutChurch!

Metal. Rock. BDSM. Burlesque. GoGo

Philly’s long-running beloved kinky, witchy, metal burlesque and gogo shows. Shay Au Lait performed with the troupe as a guest feature since 2018 and was invited to be a troupe member in April 2020. On August 3, 2023, Shay Au Lait was fired by the producer unjustly when asked to verify lies and slander the producer told community members about them. 
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"black burlesque dancer" -
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Patron Taint of Big Dicks

As the resident BadonkaMONK and Patron Taint of Big Dicks, Shay's a strange, shapeshifting mindfuck who's playfully innocent and dangerously kinky. Shay's rocker performance aesthetic includes cinematic narrative themes blended with futuristic black girl magic. Shay's acts play on theatrical primal creature motifs, as well as post-apocalyptic doom. Shay's SlutChurch acts often include impact play, temperature play, breath play, mental masochism, sensory deprivation, pole dance, and sensory play focused on intentional haptics. Shay is interactive, immersive, and intense.
"metal burlesque show" -
Black Burlesque Dancer -

"The leaves didn’t artfully fall, they froze in place, awaiting further instruction from their magical mistress."​

- Ryan Reath

There is sanctuary here. Maybe not salvation too. And definitely no absolution. Be that as it may, every offering by us, no matter the rotation is worth your coming to Jesus moment. Let us take you there. Every Tuesday, lay your burdens down. The shit is heavy anyway. May as well enjoy a season of sin with us at SlutChurch show. Also, come down off your cross. As Tom Waits said, we could use the wood. Unless it’s by way of St Andrew. Then stay the fuck up there.

Light it on fire. Let it burn. Spell in the ashes. Bid the shadows come nearer. Rise in love. Stand in power. Then linger in the pleasure of it all.