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BREATH-TAKING, POWERFUL, and MAGICAL, Switchress Shay Au Lait spirals erotic healing energy through performance art rituals in unique spaces such as nostalgic records stores, gothic churches, art museums, boutique hotels, immersive speakeasies, wellness retreats, tantra monasteries, and luxury golf resorts.

"glamorous black burlesque" -
"glamorous black burlesque" -
"I thought you were perfection."
Perle Noire Burlesque Icon & Sensual Coach
"A Theatrical Erotic Goddess, ShapeShifter, Playful, & Truthteller. A friend, burlesque mentor, and colleague, gifted in burlesque as well as the art of teaching it."
Zahava GrissKink Educator, Facilitator & Leader
"[Switchress Shay] is the Maya Angelou of Kink.”​
Goddess Toney ElectraSelf Care Practitioner & Pegging Enthusiast
"I am so intensely moved every time [Shay Au Lait] decides to grace us with her presence. She is so intensely well-suited for the theme of black magic because were you not ensnared by her beauty, by her magic, and by her ritual on this stage? -"
C'etait BonTemps The Babi Boi of Burlesque & Drag
"You are magical."
Carmine Black Embodied Movement Facilitator
"The pleasure and desire Shay invoked in mere seconds were enough for me to want to learn the nature of Shay’s thoughts and how they transitioned from burlesque to life. I had to take a class."
Key Yoga & Meditation Instructor
"Shay sets the tone and the standard all throughout Philadelphia with burlesque, pole, theatre, and yes ...KINK!"
Amber Hikes Deputy Executive Director of ACLU