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reviews & testimonials

reviews & testimonials

“I thought you were perfection.”

- Perle Noire​
Burlesque Icon, Transformational Coach, CREATIVE DIRECTOR

“Primal vibes 🔥”

MXSTRESS LILITHPerformance Artist, Prö Döminatrïx, Producer

“This was the most decadent act of the show.”

TINA REX,Witchy Woman & Nonprofit Professional

“What makes Shay Au Lait different from other erotic dancers is that she becomes a method actor during her erotic performances. You can literally feel her on stage being that character. When Shay is a wolf, she’s a wolf! When Shay is a Jezebel, she’s a fucking Jezebel and she will make you lust after her #period.

EMPRESS V,  Journalist & Cofounder of Urban Wax Creative Studio


HONEYTREE EVILEYE, Sex Educator, Writer, Burlesque Performer, Fitness Instructor

“FUCKING LOVE YOU. Listen, you are amazing. I’m still digesting everything right now. Beyond speechless.”

MADDAHuman & Performer, Anything Else, Ask Your Father

“The leaves didn’t artfully fall, they froze in place, awaiting further instruction from their magical mistress.”

GEORE WHOREWELLBurlesque Performer, Props Master & Creative Director

"Your work and your voice are much needed in this world."

"rashida khanbey" -

"I am so intensely moved every time [Shay Au Lait] decides to grace us with her presence. She is so intensely well-suited for the theme of black magic because were you not ensnared by her beauty, by her magic, and by her ritual on this stage?"

- C'ETAIT BONTEMPS, Pastel Priestexxx of Burlesque & Drag and Producer

“Everyone was hanging on to every last breath.”

— DANGER LANE, Burlesque Performer

“Omg, the way you can command a space/crowd. Shay, phewf… ❤️ No one gets down like Shay in their pink wig!!!”

VEELA VON TRAP, Creatrix & Healer

“You are such a force and literally a goddess on the stage. Thank you for gracing UNTAMED with your art!”

FOXY BELLE AFRIQ, Burlesque & Drag King Performer and NYC Producer

“I was smiling the whole time. We were all high off your act. That’s a CLOSER! That act is a CLOSER. You are such a sweetheart and a powerhouse talent.”

SCARLETT CERISE, Performer, CoHost & Producer

“You are theeeeee vibe ! Love watching you perform !!😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥”

JAZZ THE POLER, Pole Dance, Twerk and Liquid Motion Teacher

“Shay Au Lait brought so much beauty to Brooklyn.”

DOLL BODY, Burlesque Performer

“Can I just tell you how much of a fucking mood you are? Last night was the first real time I’ve seen you in action and BABYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

DEY PHOENIX, Dancer, Teacher & President of Impulse Group NYC

“Goddamn Woman! You’re THE Tempest Femme Typhoon – The mightiest Bitch 🔥🌪🌊 FUCKING GET EM!!! You are fire and water. Rage the fuck on, and stay ravenous until you are fully satisfied”

— VIKA THE TANK, Audience Member

“Incredible performance and beautiful words. 💖💖💖💖💜💜💜🖤🖤🔥🔥”


"[Switchress Shay] is the Maya Angelou of Kink.”​

- Goddess Toney Electra

“You were perfect last night at Sway. It was a whole vibe. You were killin it all night though!”

STORM, Sway Event Attendee

“Oh my god, you were amazing.”


“You are epic! you had me at the first glove.

CHROME SURFER, Former NAPDC Grand Master

“It was visceral. You two moved the entire stage. And I don’t know who won!”

— SAVAGE, Audience Member

“It was hot and hilarious.”

— AUDIENCE MEMBER, The Dual Performance

“Shay Au Lait SAT DOWN ON IT at our Monday Show and we still can’t stand up!”

–PRODUCER, Queers N Peers Variety Show

“You were fucking incredible.”

MAGGIE MCMUFFIN, Performer and Co-Founder of Last Change Dancers

“When you see Shay Au Lait is teaching a burlesque class, you gotta book that immediately,”

HAILEE, Aerialist

“Burlesque class taught me how to captivate an audience by the pace and texture of my movement. It was a great class.”

JESS, Aerial Enthusiast

“Shay Au Lait did such a beautiful job and integrated her energy right into the space. The least disruptive photographing of a divine experience ever.”

— CATNIP, Touch & Play Attendee


You are magical