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A lot of people have never heard of “burlesque” as a form of art and entertainment. By creating a curated burlesque directory of intriguing Burlesque Shows, Burlesque Troupes, Burlesque Supper Clubs, Burlesque Events, Burlesque Productions, and Burlesque Performers, the diversity of the industry can begin to be understood. This isn’t to be a comprehensive list of the Burlesque Industry, as there are numerous websites and even niche burlesque directories that already exist. However, if your aesthetic matches, “Shay Au Lait’s Speakeasy,” this directory may excite you.

100% QUEER
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: 100%QUEER is a NYC based all genders queer pole & sensual arts squad.

We curate our own events, add flavor to yours, and collaborate with other pole, aerial, and sensual arts communities. 
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Bellycast is The Podcast of the Carnival, Sideshow and Variety Arts. Its full of news and interviews with showmen and performers (old and new) plus music and more!
Black Burlesque Directory
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Created out of a desire to fill more dressing rooms and burlesque productions with black performers, this black burlesque directory is meant to be used as a tool for both producers and performers. 
Black Girls Pole
Company Snapshot: Black Girls Pole is an organization striving to diversify the pole community by inspiring, empowering, and educating women of color about pole dancing.
Black Hole Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Black Hole Burlesque is an Atlantic City, NJ based burlesque & sideshow. Creating performance art in the black hole of humanity... South Jersey!
Black Widow Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Black Widow Burlesque is an award-winning burlesque troupe who have been keeping Austin burlesque weird since 2009! Known for their unique performances, the widows bring neo-burlesque to new heights incorporating pop culture, comedy, contemporary themes, politics, and aerial performance into their shows
Blast Off Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Atlanta's Blast-Off Burlesque is a collective of neo-burlesque performers, who revel in the traditional vaudeville splendor of the show, spiced with just enough modern edge
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Bordel is a hidden, craft cocktail bar inspired by Paris' Belle Époque and Chicago's Prohibition Era. Distinguished by eclectic interiors and a weekly theater of varieties, featuring a rotating cast of jazz musicians, burlesque performers, magicians, cabaret dancers, and more, Bordel has become one of Chicago's favorite speakeasies.
Boss Ass Bitch Podcast
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: The Boss Ass Bitch Podcast is about beautiful people and baby unicorns. Strong and creative people discussing life and their passions!
Boston Beautease
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: The Boston BeauTease (formerly The Boston Babydolls) are New England's leading burlesque troupe. We are dedicated to re-creating a Golden Age of Burlesque that never really existed.
Bump and Grind
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: A bi-weekly discussion about what it takes to be a working class artist. A deep and insightful look into the blood, sweat, and glitter poured into making Pro Wrestling and Burlesque.
Burlesque Bitch Burlesquepedia
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: BB has an Ezine of current news, an openly editable Burlesque Bitch Burlesquepedia for the people in the community (Performers, Troupes, etc...) and the Events they host, as well as a public Forum for us to connect with one another. 
Burlesque Fests
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Burlesque Fests is a Festival, Showcase, and Convention listings for burlesquers, producers, fans, and like-minded organizations.
Burlesque Stripped Down
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Burlesque Stripped Down is a weekly podcast, featuring interviews with some of the biggest burlesque stars from around the world and hot tips for how to make the most out of your burlesque or performance career!
Bustout Burlesque
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Bustout Burlesque, brings back authentic 1950s-style burlesque by presenting beautiful and talented striptease dancers accompanied by a live traditional jazz band.
Cabaret Supper Club
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: At Cabaret Supper Club feel like a star and experience an evening reminiscent of the 1920’s Hollywood. Enjoy live jazz, burlesque, contortionists, magicians, comedians, bands, even famous local artists, while you enjoy a sumptuous meal served by your own Cabaret Butler and all of this in the convenience of a Belfast City Centre venue.
Can Can Culinary Cabaret
Company Snapshot: Can Can Culinary Cabaret produces a variety of original shows celebrating dance, burlesque, comedy, theatre, music and then some, all while offering a market fresh menu of seasonal delights and libations carefully curated and prepared by our in-house chef.
Casa la Femme
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: Casa la Femme is New York City's best kept secret. Experience an Egyptian oasis created especially for the New Yorker who yearns to be free from the monotony of concrete and small spaces. Exotic music with a live belly dancing show every night.
Company Snapshot: Cirquantique is an artistic collective producing immersive cultural events. Through animations, performances, music and dancing festivals, the spectator is invited to live an encroaching experience .
Company XIV
Burlesque Catetory:
Company Snapshot: COMPANY XIV continues to garner critical acclaim in New York and internationally for their unique fusion of passionate choreography, eclectic music, opera, circus, burlesque, ballet, gender bending, over the top costuming, and sumptuous design.
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