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The Luxurious Gift Guide for Burlesque Dancers

If you have you ever wondered what to give your favorite Burlesque Dancer, I’ve got quite a list for you. Whether the person you know is a Burlesque Dancer, Burlesque Enthusiast, or Burlesque Hobbyist, they are bound to enjoy items and experiences from this list. I’m sure somehow, some way, there is someone you know deep in the burlesque scene who lives for extreme parody, emotional storytelling and extravagant striptease. With that being the case, here’s a list for every budget. Being glamorous and creative takes quite an investment, so hopefully this Burlesque Gift Guide will help you send some love to a fellow Burly lover.

Gift Guide for Burlesque Dancers -

1. Dance, Fitness and Wellness Classes

One way we train as Burlesque Dancers is by taking movement classes of all types. As this list is catered towards a performer of my aesthetic, classes that would be loved include sensual movement, burlesque, pole, aerial, kizomba and yoga. Although, if they are adventurous like me, they will enjoy any type of movement class you’ve gifted them with even if it were a Jazz, Hip Hop or Latin Ballroom class too. My personal favorites and on my wish list include classes with Bentley Rebel, Ciara Adair, Carmine Black, and Bernadette Pleasant, You could also gift them with class packages to their favorite studios or with a subscription to ClassPass.

2. Pinup, Boudoir and/or Burlesque Photoshoots

We Burly peeps LOVE photoshoots. There can never be enough. For our career, its helpful to have studio photoshoots of all of our signature acts. Plus we love a pin up theme or even some sexy boudoir shoots too. So, if the spirit moves you, a surprise photoshoot with a vetted photographer or studio would be amazing. While I haven’t worked with any of the photographers below, these are next on my list.

3. Tickets to Burlesque Events

There is a burlesque festival, burlesque show, and burlesque supper club every second of every day. A perfect gift for a Burly Lover would definitely be a ticket to an amazing experience. What events are on my list? If you’re looking for an interesting burlesque show, burlesque troupe or burlesque production/event, check out my “Burlesque Directory.” Its full of entries from all over the world.

4. Costumes/Clothing

If you gift a burly lover with costume pieces, omg! If they have a wishlist, just pull an item off the list. Or perhaps gift them with a giftcard to their favorite store or designer. Remember costumes can also include shoes, corsets and wigs too. Check out my pinterest boards for inspiration. There’s a board on shoes, costumes for dance class and more. I’ve been drooling over these shoes. This can also include lingerie and robes too.

5. Accessories

From boas to pasties to jewelry, we love it all. Learn what their personal style aesthetic is in their muggle life and their performance life and find items that pair perfectly with that. In my every day life, my signature style has a 60’s Mod Style Aesthetic. For the fancy stuff, my style is inspired by the 1920’s and 1970’s.

6. Makeup

You’ll never go wrong offering makeup as a gift. Learn their favorite brands, shades and colors for an added level of personalization. Also, remember LASHES as an option. We always need more lashes. And consider setting them up with makeup lessons or having their makeup professionally done. Those two things would be amazing gifts too. If all else fails, a giftcard to Sephora will make them happy.

7. Rhinestones, Gems and Glitter

No explanation is needed. DreamTimeCreations has some great options and there are many local stores in the fashion district with a crazy supply of stones and gems. We always need them. WE ALWAYS NEED THEM! And glitter, I mean Michel’s has glitter and then there are online places like (With glitter these is also eco-friendly glitter and cosmetic glitter that’s safer for the skin.)

8. Feathers

Feathers are always needed and are expensive AF. There are all kinds of sizes and colors and styles and whether we’re making a feather fan, adding it in our hair or own our costume, we eventually need more and more feathers. For resources thee is Fancy Feathers and FeatherMart and Hot Fans and my personal favorite, W.W. Swalef and Son.

9. Perfume or Cologne

Perfume or cologne, as a gift idea, never gets old. What’s been catching my eye? Savoir Faire. My personal favorite? Marc Jacobs Decadence. I’ve been wearing Marc Jacobs for years from his signature scent to the seasonal “Grass” and now Decadence. Have you read the description? Its so SHOWGIRL. “The spirit of irreverent glamour. An invitation to indulge, Decadence elevates the spirit of Marc Jacobs Fragrances to a new level of luxury.”

10. Body Products

Our bodies are our money makers. We can never have enough body products and skin care products and hair care products. Trust me. We do so much to our bodies and are constantly in makeup and wigs and sprinkled in glitter, that a nice body butter or face mask or deep conditioner would go a long way. Maybe make a gift basket full of all their favorite body products. (You can also send them to the spa.)

11. Burlesque Books

There are so many interesting ones to consider. I’ve come across a burlesque inspired baking cookbook, a burlesque coloring book, historic memoirs and more. And I want them all!

12. Dinner at Chez Josephine

Dinner at Chez Josephine could probably go up there with tickets to Burlesque shows as they do have live entertainment, which includes Burlesque. And then there are other supper clubs too like Duane Park, La Casa Femme and more. Its a special kind of experience however, to go to the restaurant created in honor of Josephine Baker. Get dressed up and go be fancy with your Burly Lover. Also, my burlesque directory does have a category for “Supper Clubs.”

13. Music

You have a couple options with this one. Perhaps a premium membership on Spotify or Apple Music. Or perhaps set up something with a DJ or Sound Designer where they can go and have a custom song remixed for an upcoming performance. I would eat that gift up!

14. Luggage, Bags and Purses

From every day life to the hustle and bustle of a burly person’s tour schedule, we are always in need of travel luggage, bags and purses. This would make an excellent gift. Figure out their aesthetic or take a gamble!

Eccentric and Quirky Items

15. A Fog Machine

My partner gifted me with this and I couldn’t think straight for weeks. I use it as often as I can for events, performances and just because. He purchased ours off Amazon.

16. gift card

Whether its business cards, postcards or stickers, we always need more. is fairly affordable but still cost add up. Send them a giftcard.

17. A Burlesque Journal/Diary/Planner

A journal created specifically for Burlesque technically doesn’t exist, but if they are anything like me they are always taking notes. I keep a dedicated journal for my movement and dance life. I take all kinds of classes. I teach classes and workshops. And I’m always coming up with new acts. I produce events and shows as well. I go through so many journals. So find them a decadent journal that will really inspire them. Some of my favorite brands? Papaya Art, The Wild Unknown,

Other Burlesque and PinUp Gift Guides

What items would you add to this list?