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Burlesque Adventures – 16 Dazzling Burlesque Experiences in Denver, Colorado

I am a wanderlust bohemian and a traveling erotic-noir burlesque performer. I’m also a nightlife producer and sensual erotic movement instructor. This extends beyond burlesque. My fields of interest include BDSM, Theater, Pole Dance, Spoken Word AND Burlesque. If it touches the erotic healing arts, I’m all for it.

As a “Traveling Showgirl,” I’m sharing a mini travel series, “Burlesque Adventures: Denver, Colorado” as I prepare an itinerary for an erotic bleisure vacation that includes performing in 3 burlesque shows. (It’s my first time performing burlesque in Colorado.) Check out part one of this series, “Burlesque Adventures – 14 Fascinating Speakeasy Bars in Denver, Colorado


If you’ve never experienced a burlesque show before, check out, “What Is Burlesque?” Given that there are all types of genres of burlesque and different kinds of burlesque shows that overlap within variety, sideshow, circus, aerial, drag, theatre and more, the options for your experiences are practically endless. It’s really based on what you have a taste for when it comes to nightlife entertainment. Though, it might even be a burlesque brunch that you attend. 

I am particular about the types of burlesque shows I like to go to. I prefer interactive, immersive and site-specific shows. I like shows that have a wide range of performance styles and performers with curated themes or compelling overarching narratives. I love genres like erotic-noir, neo-burlesque, kinklesque, nerdlesque and more. I like a yummy, provocative vibe with subversive rhetoric and I want to be fucking entertained!

One of the first things that I do when I’m visiting a new location is to refer to Po’Chops Black Burlesque Directory, especially if I’ll be producing a show in that state, and also to be intentional in finding other black performers to support. I don’t know much about the burlesque scene in Denver, Colorado. Therefore while I CAN personally vouch for the 3 shows I’m a part of and encourage you to attend, I did do some light research to determine what other shows I might want to attend during my trip to Denver and/or what show producers I might want to reach out to for possible bookings. I might go out alone, with friends, or on a date so this list will help me decide what we do. This list is complete with troupes, burlesque lounges, producers, and even recurring shows whether they be daily or annually. 

1. Clocktower Cabaret – Denver’s Cocktail Theatre

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @theclocktowercabaret
  • About: If you google “burlesque in Denver,” one of the first search results everywhere will be The Clocktower Cabaret. Music, Dance, & Comedy live together in a vintage cabaret setting nestled beneath the historic D&F Tower. “Entering the club is like falling down a rabbit hole into another world.” If you’re looking for a burlesque show to attend, including variety nights, drag, magic, circus, theatre or live jazz, check out their event calendar.

Off sight alone, I’d want tickets to “Off the Clock: Late Night Tease,” “Cirque Noir,” and “The Roaring 20s.” If you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, check out which producers or production companies are involved with some of the shows. Then follow their calendars to see what other shows they are also involved with.  I also took a look at the Clocktower Cabaret’s menu and I am going to need the lavender lemondrop clock-tail, the truffle edamame, and the gourmet popcorn that includes truffle oil, parmesan cheese, and black sea salt.

2. Colorado Burlesque Festival

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @ColoradoBurlesqueFestival
  • About: July 7-9, 2022 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Colorado Burlesque Festival (CBF). Its a dazzling, full-length burlesque extravaganza with 3 blowout showcases planned. Support the sexy thrill of live theater with the Colorado Burlesque Festival’s annual event. I won’t be able to attend this particular one but I hope at some point during another trip to Denver, I can. Maybe I might even perform!?

3. Circus Foundry presents Cirque Noir 

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @circusfoundry
  • About: Speaking of Clocktower Cabaret, one show that piqued my interest is Cirque Noir by Circus Foundry. Take a deep dive into the shady nightlight of the 1940s and experience film noir with an exciting circus twist. (I’m partial to Film Noir.) Click around their website and check out the other shows and productions that they produce. I saw a lot of fun events on their website. 

4. Blassphemy

  • Instagram: @blassphemyshow
  • About: Enjoy Denver’s Metal Gogo-Burlesque Show with Blassphemy. Alabaster presents a sacrilegious celebration of butts and heavy music with general debauchery. 
"Blassphemy Burlesque with Alabaster" -

5. Shimmy & Shakespeare: Sunday Boozy Matinee

  • Facebook: @REMStageProductions
  • About: Enjoy a show that combines the classics of Shakespeare with the sexy energy of a modern-day burlesque show. REM Stage presents an evening of sexy, exciting, and hilarious entertainment and definitely intrigues me as I’m both a theater and burlesque performer and lover! “Shimmy Shakespeare is a hilarious creation from the mind of Burlesque comedian Paul Backer and Shakespearean director Roger Winn. With Shimmy Shakespeare, the cast assembles a hysterical, sexy, and thrilling collection of scenes with the addition of burlesque artists.”

6. Conspiracy Circus

  • Instagram: @Conspiracy_Circus
  • About: Experience colorado’s most intimate and unusual circus! The Conspiracy Circus MAYhem Sideshow features a mad and merry troupe’s debauched, depraved, and delightful show! Conspiracy Circus features a range of acts from feats of strength, burlesque, sensual comedy, pain-proof performers, and other sideshow delights!  

7. SlutChurch Denver – Metal Kinky Burlesque & GoGo

  • Instagram: @SlutChurch.Show
  • About: Philadelphia’s long-running and most popular metal, kink burlesque, and gogo experience heads west for one night only! SlutChurch is headed west to slather the Mile High City in its glitter and grime. With a combination of metal music, BDSM elements, gorgeous performers, and electrifying gogo dance, SlutChurch has gathered a massive following on the east coast and is headed to the world-famous Lion’s Lair. Don’t miss this immersive, one-of-a-kind entertainment produced by HoneyTree EvilEye, Alabaster, and Shay Au Lait. (Hey, that’s me! I’m very excited to co-produce this show!)

8. Broken Babes Burlesque

  • Instagram: @The_Broken_Babes
  • About: I came across the Broken Babes Burlesque  performance group when curating my Denver Speakeasies list. It seems they have a residency or recurring show at Luci’s Shambles & Provisions. According to their Instagram bio, they are an “accessible performance group based in Denver, Colorado showcasing burlesque, drag and more!”

9. Dangerous Theatre

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @HardCandyDancers
  • About: Dangerous Theatre reminds me of The Clocktower Cabaret. It’s a performance space that has all kinds of shows and events ranging from burlesque, comedy, BDSM, theatre and more.  “Bare” and “Comedy and Kink” appeal to me most. “Denver’s Dangerous Theatre BOLDLY presents original works by people from all walks of life, celebrating diversity and encouraging safe spaces for all performers and patrons.” 

10. Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both Denver: Talks & Burlesque

  • Instagram: @DoBothShow
  • About: The internationally touring show that combines lightning talks and burlesque is coming to the Mile High City! Proving that you can be both sexy AND competent, Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both gives burlesque artists a chance to showcase their cerebral capabilities as well as their saucy sides. Do Both brings you TEDx-style talks and burlesque by the same performers. It’s an evening of education and titillation.

    Philly-based producer HoneyTree EvilEye and internationally renowned burlesque emcee Flirt Vonnegut have brought this show to cities including Boston, Montreal, Baltimore, New York, New Orleans and now- Denver! Collaborating with Shay Au Lait of Siren Pack burlesque and Denver-area producer Alabaster, this show will feature a mixture of performers from across the nation, including local favorites. Enjoy a variety of talks in the first half and then a full slate of sumptuous burlesque in the second, as well as opportunities for audience participation!

11. Hard Candy Dancers

12. The SlutDown, Bare, and Comedy & Kink by Chris Wellman

  • Instagram: @ChrisWellmanComedy
  • About: I came across The SlutDown first and was very intrigued by its description. That lead me down the rabbit hole of Chris Wellman and his various shows. I would just check his schedule and see what’s coming up next. The SlutDown is a live storytelling event featuring 5 of Denver’s most degenerate comedians. They embrace their inner slut and share their stories of real-life sexcapades on stage. The Slut Down is a competitive storytelling show that celebrates the diversity of the sexual spectrum with story tellers from all sexual & gender identities. BARE is a fully naked comedy show. Comedy and Kink…well that seems self explanatory. Doesn’t Chris’s shows sound fun!?

13. Punk Rock Burlesque

  • Website:
  • About: Punk Rock Burlesque is Denver’s Feminist, No Bullshit, Rebel Burlesque Troupe. 

14. Bad Ass Burlesque created by Katya Peepin

  • Website:
  • About: Katya Peepin is the Badass Burlesque Queen and she brings together some of the most celebrated Colorado burlesque performers. Join Katya and a rotating cast of Denver’s sultriest burlesque performers in Badass Burlesque’s new monthly show: Dangerously Sexy. (Also Dangerous Theatre is BYOB. They are mentioned earlier on this list as well.)


15. Carnivale De Sensuale at the Oriental Theater

  • Website:
  • About: Carnivale De Sensuale is a modern twist on the classic traveling carnivals of the 20’s & 30’s with Burlesque, Magic, Aerialists, and Singing! 

16. Courses and Corsets with Melanated Ménagerie

  • Instagram: @MelanatedMenagerie
  • About: Courses and Corsets is a highly tantalizing evening for your senses! Enjoy a 3-Course herbally infused dinner and then sit back for the salaciously sexy show! Melanated Ménagerie is an all-Black cabaret troupe with the mission of showcasing and promoting POC performers. Melanted Menagerie was founded by ALLurrr’Em velvIT.

Which Burlesque show appeals to you the most? Which burlesque show do your think I should attend?

As mentioned, I’m traveling to Denver, Colorado as part of my burlesque tour to perform in three shows. (SlutChurch, Do Both and Conspiracy Circus). In addition to being meticulous about how I pack my burlesque tour bag using my travel checklist, I’m also researching and preplanning my bleisure trip to have the most blissful and curious adventure. My googling and polling has led to a mini travel series, “Burlesque Adventures – Denver, Colorado.” Upcoming articles include BDSM & Lifestyle Experiences, Active Experiences like pole and trapeze classes, and even Geeky Experiences, along with some special mentions. If you enjoy sensual, erotic, and subversive travel, I hope you enjoy my curated lists and suggested itineraries!

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