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Burlesque and Nightlife Directory

Interested in attending a local burlesque show in your city? 

Burlesque is historically considered a parody of culture, a literary genre, a sister of theater, and a fun form of variety entertainment. Read more at “What is Burlesque?”, “Why Do People Take Burlesque Classes?“, and “The Best Burlesque Websites.”

By curating a burlesque directory of intriguing Burlesque Shows, Troupes, Supper Clubs, Events, Productions, and Performers, the diversity of the industry can begin to be understood. This isn’t to be a comprehensive list of the Burlesque Industry, as numerous websites and even niche burlesque directories already exist.

Also note that this directory includes burlesque, pole dance, drag, sideshow, theatre, circus, BDSM & Kink, variety, and many other forms of nightlife events and productions specifically curated by Switchress Shay AuLait..

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Photo of Bim Bam Boom Burlesque – Illinois
Bim Bam Boom Burlesque – Illinois

BIM BAM BOOM is Chicagoland’s hottest burlesque and variety production company! Our signature shows, PEEP SHOW,  VINYL VIXENS & CHICAGO DRAG BRUNCH.

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Photo of Black Burlesque Directory
Black Burlesque Directory

The Black Burlesque Directory was created in 2015. Rooted in the desire to fill more productions with Black performers, this directory serves as a tool for performers, curators and producers. The Black Burlesque Directory acknowledges the complexity of identity, ethnicity and geography. In this context, Black is used as an umbrella term to identify folks who are indigenous African or descendants of indigenous Africans. The Black Burlesque Directory is evidence that Black performers have been and will continue to light up stages across this planet.

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Photo of Booklover’s Burlesque – Oregon
Booklover’s Burlesque – Oregon

Booklover’s Burlesque is the world’s sexiest literary salon which matches titillating, inspiring, and empowering book readings with burlesque performances all in one show! Professional readers, actors, performers and/or local authors & writers read aloud a piece of poetry, fiction (from any genre), memoir, non-fiction, etc, which is then followed by a burlesque performance inspired by the piece. Founded in 2016 in Portland, Oregon USA by award-winning producer, burlesque/drag artist, and writer, Lacy Knightly/ Nick Lacy of Lacy Productions.

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Photo of Bordel Chicago – Illinois
Bordel Chicago – Illinois

One of Chicago’s unrivaled speakeasies, Bordel is a cocktail bar & cabaret that seductively channels the energy of Paris’ Pigalle & Montmartre

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Photo of Brown Sugar Burlesque – California
Brown Sugar Burlesque – California

Brown Sugar Burlesque is a pop-up event in Los Angeles that launched during Black History Month 2023.

Brown Sugar Burlesque is a live cabaret experience with burlesque at its heart, featuring a predominantly Black cast of performers, musicians, and bartenders that celebrates Black artistry and culture both onstage and behind the bar.

Brown Sugar Burlesque is a Black-owned and woman-led production.

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Burlesque Fests

Festival, Showcase, and Convention listings for burlesquers, producers, fans, and our like-minded organizations. Submission to the list is FREE!!!! We will also gladly accept donations to keep the site live and functioning.

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Photo of Burlesque Galaxy
Burlesque Galaxy

The global listing site for all things burlesque.

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