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Shay Au Lait's Burlesque Blog chronicles her adventures as a burlesque performer and her research and musings as a burlesque instructor and producer.

"Creative Race Workshops" -

How Do You Make SENSE of RACE?

Join Shay Au Lait and Christos Galanis for a 2 day creative and somatic online workshop, "Sensing Race" in which we use the body, creativity and play to make SENSE of RACE.
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"Bernadette Pleasant Touch and Play" -

What Its Like To Be Black At The Touch&Play Festival

The first time my blackness came to the forefront of my mind in a way that didn't feel good was when I went to apply to the Touch&Play Festival in Asheville.
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"Best New York Drag Queen" -

30 Burlesque, Drag, And Aerial Artists You Need To Book Today

In this listical, Shay Au Lait shares her Top 30 Burlesque, Drag, And Aerial Artists You Need To Book Today!
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"Yoni Eggs" -

Where to Buy the Best Yoni Eggs and Other Erotic Toys Online?

In this article, Shay Au Lait shares her favorite shops for Yoni Eggs and other erotic and sexual toys for sensual solo, partner or group rituals.
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"rhetorical emotional fallacies" -

“No Hard Feelings” is an Emotional Rhetorical Fallacy

In "No Hard Feelings," Shay Au Lait shares her thoughts on this rhetorical emotional fallacies and encourages the reader to Feel Everything!
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How to Celebrate My 35th Birthday

It's Shay Au Lait's 35th birthday! If you want to celebrate her, she has a few request that include Siren Pack Productions, Femme! and The Noire Pageant.
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Black Burlesque Performer -

How to Choose A Unique and Authentic Burlesque Stage Name

There are many things to consider when choosing a burlesque stage name. In this article, Shay Au Lait shares her favorite resources and food for thought.
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I Auditioned for Perle Noire and Lived to Tell About It

I Auditioned for Perle Noire and Lived to Tell About It. A story of mistakes, lessons learned and a transformation in perspective.
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My Boyfriend Took a Pole Dance Class

It took a few months of asking, but finally Shay Au Lait's boyfriend took his first pole dance class with her. In this post, Shay shares their post class conversation.
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favorite tv shows of 2018 -

My Favorite TV Shows of 2018

A list of 13 of Shay Au Lait's favorite tv shows of 2018 ranging from comedy-drama to psychological thrillers including a surprising reality tv show.
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The Luxurious Gift Guide for Burlesque Dancers

Enjoy this luxurious gift guide for burlesque dancers. From classes to costumes to dinners, books and shows, there's something for every Burly Lover with a Spirited SpeakEasy Aesthetic.
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What Does it Mean to Be Queer-Friendly -

What Does It Mean to Be Queer-Friendly?

I found myself disappointed the other day when I googled, “What does it mean to be queer-friendly?” The search results only yielded articles, think pieces and click bait that attempted
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