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Burlesque and Nightlife Directory

Interested in attending a local burlesque show in your city? 

Burlesque is historically considered a parody of culture, a literary genre, a sister of theater, and a fun form of variety entertainment. Read more at, “What is Burlesque?”, “Why Do People Take Burlesque Classes?“, and “The Best Burlesque Websites.”

By curating a burlesque directory of intriguing Burlesque Shows, Burlesque Troupes, Burlesque Supper Clubs, Burlesque Events, Burlesque Productions, and Burlesque Performers, the diversity of the industry can begin to be understood. This isn’t to be a comprehensive list of the Burlesque Industry, as there are numerous websites and even niche burlesque directories that already exist.

Also note, this directory includes burlesque, pole dance, drag, sideshow, theatre, circus, BDSM & Kink, and many other forms of nightlife events and productions specifically curated by Switchress Shay AuLait.

Mathers Social Gathering

Photo of Mathers Social Gathering

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Join us for a night of glamour and seduction! 🌟 Burlesque performances every Tuesday & Saturday night. Mathers promotes group interaction in a sophisticated yet comfortable setting. Mathers Social Gathering lives in a prominent Downtown Orlando building aged over 140 years. Mathers in its current state has taken the stylish dark wood, vast pillars and exposed brick and turned it into a historical social hideaway.

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